Szeged, the county town of Csongrád County, is in the centre of the South Alföld (Southern Great Plain) Region. It is the largest town in south-eastern Hungary, with 163 thousand inhabitants, and is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tisza and Maros.

One of the greatest things about Szeged is how youth-friendly it is. The University of Szeged with its 12 different faculties (including Law, Arts, Economics, Medicine, Pedagogy, etc.) and nearly 30 000 students really gives the town a friendly, vivid atmosphere.

In Hungary’s loveliest university town everything revolves around youngsters, from the countless campus events and parties to summer festivals and faculty open days. Szeged is also filled with nice cafés, restaurants and party places, while its University Library is listed among the bests in the whole world.

Szeged is well-known as „The city of sunshine”, being one of the warmest cities in Hungary. Its unique architecture is a huge bonus, too.

Today the inner city of Szeged has beautiful buildings and wide avenues. This is mainly due to the great flood of 1879, which wiped away the whole town. However, during the next years a new, modern city emerged from the ruins, with palaces and wide streets. As a result, the buildings with beautiful secession characteristics that remained after the flood now stand side by side with all the new ones, so with every step, there’s something to take your breath away.