Students’ Union of the Faculty of Law

The Students’ Union of the Faculty of Law is the part of the University’s Students’ Union. Our body has seven members who are really enthusiastic and devoted to their job. Our main aim is to make the years spent at the university unforgettable. To achieve this goal, we have three main tasks to fulfill.

The first one is advocacy, which is basically the representation of our students’ rights ahead of teachers and other organizations. Our second task is related to scholarships: we inform our students about the possibilities they have and decide on their applications according to the scholarship guides of the faculty. The third task we have is probably the most well-known and spectacular one: it is the organisation of special events. The Faculty has traditional programmes like the Lawyers’ Ball, the Sports Day, the Freshmen’s Camp , the Lawyers’ Party and some professional lectures.

We are trying to make a balance between culture, entertainment and profession. This is why we decided to take part in the organisation of Szeged Model United Nations. It is a perfect combination of the three things mentioned before. It is the part of a famous international conference series, which gives students the opportunity to practice their debating skills and to experience the world of diplomacy while making friends for life. We are truly happy about this event and we cannot wait to meet you all in Szeged! Do not forget to apply! ;)


Students' Union of the University of Szeged

The foundations of the Students' Union we have today reach back to the 1950's. On the 16th of October, 1956 the Union of Hungarian University and College Students was established (Hungarian abbreviation: MEFESZ) as the first Hungarian lobby group consisting of students. Their demands included the abolition of the privilege of Russian language in higher education, the building of student hostels and a few reaching further into the future, such as the subtraction of soviet troops from Hungary. Students of almost all the existing Hungarian universities joined the brave people of the University of Szeged until the 23rd of October. However, during the decades after the failure of the revolution there was no institutionalized student lobby group in Hungary.

The end of the Communist era in Hungary started a new chapter in the life of university students, too. On the 6th of May, 1989 the National Lobby of Higher Education Students (Hungarian abbreviation: OFÉSZ) was established as the new generation of Students' Unions in Hungarian higher education institutions. In 2000, with the union of the 11 faculties, the University of Szeged as we know it today, came into being. The necessity of a larger organisation which coordinates the work of different faculties' unions was undeniable, that's when the Students' Union of the University of Szeged was established.


Currently, the Students' Union has 7 Committees within itself; Board of Supervision, Legal Aid Committee, Academic Guidance Service, Allowance Committee, Press Committee, Cultural Committee and the Committee of Foreign Affairs.


The Committee of Foreign Affairs

The Committee of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the organisation of short (1-3-week-long) exchange programmes, summer camps and other trips with partner universities. Our duties also include the translation of official documents for university purposes, we provide free translation and certification of documents not available in Hungarian. We also have mentors, who can help with everyday issues – such as navigating, or university administration. We organize regular lectures about international issues as well as courses for secondary school students, preparing them for their Matura examination. Our students can join these programmes, too – so they get the opportunity to broaden their nexus.


Students’ Union of Faculty of Economics

Our main goal is to make the students’ years spending at universitiy better and efficient as much as possible. We want them to promote their professional, scientific and public activities as well. This is one of the reasons we support this event.

Our tasks can be divided into three parts. The first one is the advocacy – it means the students represent themselves in various comittees and validate their rights. The next task is to inform the students about their scholarships and their participations in the evalutations.

The most important task is the organization of different university events such as: The Freshmen’s Camp, The Economist Ball, The Senior’s Banquet, The Midpoint Evening, the ÁSZ Days, Parties of the University of Economics and professional presentations.

SzeMUN is a great opportunity for students to have an insight into the world of diplomacy, to gain experiences in different situations and to get to know new people.