Prof. Dr. Szabó Gábor - Rector of the University of Szeged

Nowday’s world is only a village – as Marshall McLuhan already said more then fifty years ago –, where a more and more developed arsenal of modern technological tools assist us in continuous communication around the world with an infinite number of people.

However communication should not only be measured by its quantity, but its quality which also counts. In this globalized village there is always one successful way of expressing interests, one habile way of representing positions, and it is to be learnt. There are techniques how to align rational arguments, how to articulate them, and those techniques must be practiced. By the exercise, pupils can become a master, and in the hand of a master, negotiation techniques can constitute an art. But in order to master the art of negotiation not only do they have to acquire certain techniques,  but they also have to be responsible in its application. It is the only way to change spiritless techniques in a real art.

The University of Szeged and its Academic Community - participating with all the responsibility that it means to the acquisition of the techniques and knowledge by the students - is proud of those who volunteer to participate in the acquisition and exercise of such an art, or to say of those who want to become the master of this art.

I wish to all participants a courageous and humble exercise of this art!


Prof. Dr. Katalin Nagy - Vice Rector for International Affairs

Elie Wiesel wrote, "Wherever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must—at that moment—become the center of the universe.”, well.. let me add to Elie Wiesel’s thoughts……that the centre of the universe is the place where you are at the moment talking about such issues. 

I am proud to see that student body of the University of Szeged and its Student Union cooperating with the Student Unions of the Faculty of Law & Faculty of Economics and Business Administration took the opportunity to organize such event: an event, which is a free platform of negotiation of Human Rights or global security, as a mock test for future diplomacy.

Although Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations, it requires academic research and skills that are important to participate in this international platform.  Not only the issues are concerned internationally but are the participants of delegations…therefore ensuring the exchange of different views and arguments and providing a forum of their presentations.

on behalf of the University of Szeged, as the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, let me greet all the partcipants, wishing you great success not only at this meeting, but to fulfil your goals and ambition in the years to come, hoping, that those activities will help us to create and live in a better world with more understanding and more tolerance......

Apart from the meeting activity, please do not miss to get around the beautiful University Szeged, enjoy your time, and come back again…


Prof. Dr. Elemér Balogh - Dean of the Faculty of Law

The international public law and the basics of diplomacy knowledge have been the essential parts for a very long time to the students of law, but it has never been that much important for them to gain fundamental and practical knowledge. In our fast world we badly need not only the diplomatic experiences through many decades but also young people, who have fresh views and are the most susceptible for new innovations. SzeMUN is a very important partner in this course for which

I am personally very grateful. I wish you a good luck in your work!