Szeged is a town that never sleeps. From Spring to Winter, festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events make our town always lively and the days you spend here unforgettable. Let’s take a closer look on what Szeged has to offer!


April – The University Days of Szeged

This was the third year the University Days of Szeged has been organized. As its name suggests, this festival's target audience are university students, however, everyone's welcome to join the three-day-long event with numerous concert venues, performers and other exciting programmes. The festival offers an enjoyable experience for music lovers of every kind; be it popular, electronic or retro.



May – The Day of Szeged Festival & Wine Festival

The Day of Szeged Festival became the most important gastronomic and cultural festival of Szeged, the surroundings and the whole region. The Festival is well-known out of the Hungarian borders too, guests arrive from the South, and Romania as well. Visitors who plan to tour around the city will not be disappointed; Szeged offers something for everyone..
Beside more than a hundred Hungarian wine-makers, the closed bridge with the “Bridge Market” offers a great ‘folk-traders’ venue with more than 200 Hungarian craftsmen. The festival has a unique atmosphere, several blues, jazz, folk music bands playing around, while at the ‘ad hoc” folkdance shows everyone can enjoy and learn some authentic Hungarian folk dance.
All the venues of the Festivals are in walking distance.
On this weekend the whole downtown is filled with Hungarian and foreign people, old and young.


June – Deja Vu festival, The International Beer Festival of Szeged, The night of museums

The biggest retro festival of South-Hungary is for everyone who loves the atmosphere of the 90's. Deja Vu Festival, first held in 2013 is a place to relive our fondest memories about hit songs and legendary concerts that we can never forget. The festival not only takes us back to nostalgic times with recognized and loved performers but also aims to create new memories by numerous different programmes that guarantee to make the event unforgettable.

In every June, more than two hunded museums all over Hungary open their gates to offer a great entertainment for those interested all night long. But this night is not only about museums; castles, village museums, zoos, baths, botanic gardens, cultural centres and other institutions await everyone to make it an interesting and enjoyable experience. Thanks to thousands of specialists, museologists and historians, the night of museums is bound to be a night which you'll never forget.

The International Beer festival of Szeged is being organized for the second time this year, where Hungarian and foreign breweries present their beer specialities for the audience. The festival aims to prove that in spite of the stereotype, Hungarians are good at making not only wine but beer, too. During the three-day-long event, you can taste specialities that are not likely to be found elsewhere while enjoying concerts and delicious food.



July – International Trailer Truck Country Festival, Summer Cavalcade

This year’s will be the 25. International Trailer Truck Country Festival in Szeged. The festival which has been attracting thousands of people and trucks in the past 24 years is now officially one of Europe’s biggest trailer truck events. Truck races and exhibitions, markets, tug-of-war games, beer drinking contests, arm wrestling, and wet t-shirt contests characterize the event while pop, country and rock concerts make for the authentic festival-like atmosphere.

The Castle-games of Szeged is South-Hungary’s special family event, organized for the 13th time this year. During this one-and-a-half-month-long series of programmes the focus is on families; giving them an opportunity to spend time together. Teaching kids about health, educating via the theatre; the two features that characterize the festival make it enjoyable for both parents and kids.

This year marks the seventh annual Summer Cavalcade held on the yard of the City Hall of Szeged and in the IH Event Centre. The Musical Backyard programme series offers a wide range of concerts with Hungarian and foreign performers for music lovers.

July – August – Szeged Open-Air Theatre Festival

One of the first summer theatres to be launched in Hungary was the Szeged Open-Air Festival that has been organized for more than seventy years now. The series of celebration programmes connected to the consecration of the Votive Church provided an opportunity to conduct a "public rehearsal" in the autumn of 1930. The superb acoustics of the church square surrounded by arcade appeared an excellent location for staging open air theatrical performances. The first performance - the Hungarian Passio - was presented on June 13, 1931. Since then, the performances of the open-air theatre have been the main success and attraction of each summer in Szeged. The success of the theatre came to an end with the second world war: the square became silent after the summer of 1939 for a period of 20 years. However, since 1959, the festival has been organized each and every year and continues to entertain people from all over Hungary.

August – Hungaricum Festival, Youth Days of Szeged (SZIN)

Everyone interested in Hungarian culture will find something interesting during the annual Hungaricum Festival – Exhibition and Market of Hungarian Quality Products. Be it artwork made by Hungarian craftsmen, delicious food from traditional manufacturers or the finest wines of Hungary; you can find it, you can taste it, you can buy it during Hungaricum Festival.

Youth Days of Szeged (Hungarian abbreviation: SZIN) was first organized almost 50 years ago, back in 1968. In the beginning, the lack of censorship was what made the atmosphere of SZIN so unique; the audience could enjoy the concerts of bands and singers who got set aside for different political, aesthetical or religious reasons. However, the end of the communist regime caused a short hiatus in the life of the festival but that luckily only lasted for a few years; SZIN was got back in the game in 2003 and has been constantly evolving and growing since then. Today it’s not only a 5-day-long party for local youngsters; in every year, SZIN is attracting people from all over Hungary with not only Hungarian but foreign performers, too, such as Cure, Pendulum, Macy Gray, Scooter, Morcheeba or Parov Stelar.

September – International River Tisza Fish-soup Festival, Wine Festival

2016 is the year of jubilees; this year’s will be the 20th International River Tisza Fish-soup Festival, which we can proudly call one of Hungary’s biggest and most prestigious cultural events. On the first Saturday of September in each year, enthusiastic fish-soup lovers get together under the main bridge to compete for the prize for the most delicious dish; the Fish-soup Merit, established by Sándor Frank master chef.

Since 2010, in every September, Hungary’s greatest vintners gather on the Dóm Square to show us some of our country’s delicious wine culture. Of course, just like every other festival in Szeged, the Wine Square wouldn’t be authentic without great music, tasty food and exciting programmes.


October – Jewish Autumn Cultural Festival of Szeged

The festival organized by The Synagogue of Szeged offers a wide variety of programs every year, including concerts, art- and photo exhibitions and book signings. Each year, the Jewish Cultural festival takes place in the Synagogue of Szeged.




December – Christmas Market

Each year, the centre of Szeged celebrates the coming of Christmas with more and more festive venues. Traditional local cuisine, Christmas lights, mulled wine and the cozy feeling of the upcoming holiday makes for an intimate atmosphere that is bound to get you in the mood for Christmas.