It has been an amazing and inspiring week for all of us, we have learnt and developed a lot and for that we are grateful. But it is just getting started... We hope to see you all next year in Szeged! Until then go and join the MUN community of the world and become the best delegates of the globe :)

We can say, we're so proud all of you, not only for making such great solution ideas for the problems, but for being able to share your ideas with eachother and buliding great relations and friendships among all of you.

For those, who had their first MUN, I hope that we could give you a good exprience and you have the enthusiasm to continue attending MUNs. For those, who have been MUNs before, we hope that SzeMUN could become also one of the most determinative MUNs you've been before.

Thanks for being part of our team, thanks for coming to SzeMUN, because without you we wouldn't make it this far.

We wish you the best, and hope we'll see the next year! ❤