Between May 10 and 12 2017, the first session of the 2017-2018 Regional Academy of the United Nations (RAUN) was held. The event was unconventionally organized in two cities: in Bratislava and Vienna. Our Conference Manager, Vanda Szemenyei and Secretary-General, Anna Nagy also got accepted to this academic year.

Each year, the Academy consists of three sessions on a specific theme. This year's theme is the problems and challenges of women and girls. Participants, however, are not only listening to presentations within the program, but also actively engaged in an often challenging research work. The Academy provides research opportunities to participants in topics agreed with various agencies and other institutions of the UN, which are involved in several areas of this year: women and disarmament processes, women and migration, women and political participation, women and environment, etc. Participants were able to set up a list of preferences regarding which topic they wish to choose and the teams were formed by this list. Each participant is governed by one UN agency, and according to their instructions, a research will be carried out in the next eight months. As a result a 20-page research material will be produced, which will be presented at the January ACUNS conference in Vienna in front of the other teams, expert jury and conference participants.

Vanda is going to do research on the field of women and political participation (OSCE) and Anna is going to deal with the topic of women and disarmement (UNODA). 

We wish our girls a really successful academic year!