University of Szeged is ranked amongst the most prominent higher education institutes in Central Europe and second best in its home country. With its more than 30,000 students altogether, it’s one of the biggest universities in Hungary. Teaching at the university started back in 1921 and got its current name in 2000 as it became the one and only university in Szeged after the unification of the different higher education institutions in the town. Thus University of Szeged has had 11 faculties for over 15 years. Considering there’s 11 different faculties, it’s fair to say that you can study almost anything at our university. Whether it arts or music, medicine or pharmacy, engineering or informatics, you can find it in


The Faculty of Law

Teaching at The Faculty of Law at the University of Szeged started again after the World War in 1945 and has been present in its current form since the unification in 2000. Besides the library, the Faculty of Law building will serve as a main location for the conference.