One of the greatest things about Szeged is how youth-friendly it is. The University of Szeged with its 12 different faculties (including Law, Arts, Economics, Medicine, Pedagogy, etc.) and nearly 30.000 students really gives the town a friendly, vivid atmosphere.


In Hungary’s loveliest university town everything revolves around youngsters, from the countless campus events and parties to summer festivals and faculty open days. Szeged is also filled with nice cafés, restaurants and party places, while its University Library is listed among the bests in the whole world.

Szeged is known as the City of Sunshine. Hot summers and mild winters characterize the city.




The nearest international airport is in Budapest, from where Szeged can be reached conveniently by express Intercity trains in two hours. You can enjoy the sunshine from early spring in large city parks and in a famous botanic garden.


Participating in sports events and festivals, attending balls and spending nights at parties in university clubs are all as much part of the legendary university life in Szeged as is attending lectures and laboratory classes.




University club meetings, parties and performances, in the JATE-KLUB in particular, offer rich and pure entertainment to everybody. Szeged’s cultural life would be unimaginable without these events or the ones staged in student hostels. Whether looking for a film club or a place to dance or sing, everybody can find what their hearts desire among the amateur groups and associations of our university.




Events of the Autumn Festival, the University Spring and programmes of the TIK provide a foretaste of these activities for outsiders as well.

During the carnival season every faculty holds its own ball with music and dance. One of the most noted ones is the traditional University Charity Ball which has become one of the most prestigious events of social life in Szeged.

No wonder that after graduation many leaving students miss the joyful events they experienced during the years spent at the University of Szeged.




To help them feel and enjoy the support of the institution and the warmth of the university community all their lives, former students can stay constantly in touch with the university through the Alma Mater organisation. Everybody who finds it important to participate in university life even after graduation is welcome to attend the postgraduate course fair, professional and class reunions, festive events, including the Alma Mater Christmas party, the Alma weekend and the university sports day.