In this year SzeMUN is held again from 29th September to 2nd October, in one of Hungary’s universities’ city, in Szeged. The registration period has started in April on the website, the registration includes a fee, which has three rounds. The first round is from 10th April to 20th May, for the participants in I. Category is 110 euros, in the II. Category is 140 euros, the registration for Chairs is 70 euros, Press Members have to pay 85 euros and the Observers 120 euros.

In the second round, which is from 21th May to 30th June, the participants in the I. Category have to pay 125 euros, in the II. Category 155 euros, the Chairs 80 euros, Press Members 100 euros and the Observers 140 euros.

The third round from 1st July to 15th August requires 140 euros in the I. Category and 170 euros in the II. Category from the participants, 115 euros from the Press Members and 160 euros from the Observers.

The registration fee includes the breakfasts, lunch and dinner from 29th September to 2nd October, coffee and snacks for the same period, covers all conference materials, the delegate’s pack and the entry to all Socials (and a transfer to the conference locations if it’s necessary).

The I. Category includes a four-night double or triple room in the suburb, the II. Category offers the same, but in the city centre.

When coming to SzeMUN, we advise you to take a flight to the airport of our beautiful capital, Budapest. The easiest way to get to Szeged from Budapest is by train, from Nyugati Railway Station. The journey takes about 2,5 hours. Organisers will be there at the railway station in Szeged to guide participants to their hotels.


We expect our participants to arrive to Szeged ont he 28th of September, so they have enough time to make themselves comfortable and unpack in their hotel. The registration starts at 8.30am ont he 29th of September, followed by an opening ceremony and introduction, and then by three separated Committee sessions, with a lunch and a coffee break between them. On the 30th of September and the 1st of October, there will be three Committee sessions, too followed by organised Socials. The conference closes on the 2nd of October with a General Assembly and a closing ceremony. You can get more information about the agenda here:

Szeged is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. Although organized social events will include some of the best places in Szeged, it’s always good to include some extra sightseeing and our city is a perfect place to do that. When visiting Szeged, probably the most famous sight is the Dom Square and the Votive Church in the heart of the city. With its neat architecture, it’s guaranteed to blow your mind. When walking down the Kárász street in the city centre, you can enjoy some more of the breath-taking architecture this city has to offer, along with our nicest cafés and the best confectionery of Szeged.

We have three registration periods, the first one ends on the 20th of May, the second one on the 30th of June and the last one ends on the 15th of August.