SzeMUN, as the other MUN conferences, is also a simulation of the UN conferences, where we the students can show their knowledge and negotiating skills at each committee. Besides this, the conference is a good area to gain experience, to know a lot new people all around the world and build contacts. The event can also improves rhetoric capabilities, forward communication and co-operation skills and useful view, how a UN conference works.


The first SzeMUN started in 2010, the then law students launched it by themselves. In 2013 the programme ran out, because the students have finished their studies. But then, now in 2016, the Student’s Union of Faculty and the Committee on Foreign Affairs thought this is a great initiative, we restarted the program, and made a new SzeMUN.

This year six committee will be organised. The Security Council will deal with the nuclear programme of North Korea; the International Olympic Committee will seek for the 2024 Olympic Games’ organiser and create the event’s details; the UN Women committee’s job is to discuss two topics: the role of women in politics and prostitution; the European Council will be trying to face with the EU’s migration; the Human Rights Council will investigate the problem of euthanasia’s and abortion’s legal and moral side and the Children’s Rights Council will be trying to stand up against the military use of children and child labour.

Every one of the committees deals with topics, which are always actual, require international attention and are needed to be solved. An average individual has always opinion about these; within the framework of MUN will surely be feasible solutions of the questionable issues.

When we have chosen the committees, we wanted to come up such topics which are in front of the world’s eye and employ many country. According to the previous years’ experience, the International Olympic Committee was a success, so we hold on to that and the European Council’s mission was also given, Hungary has a strong opinion about the nuclear issue and this topic has been a lingering problem with no solution opportunities.

The main reason we included the International Olympic Committee is that it was one of the committees of the last MUN conference held in our city and participants loved it, so we thought, why not include it this year, too? Who will have the chance to host the Olympic Games in 2024? How could it be made more sustainable? These are the main questions that participants of the Olympic Committee will discuss.

One of the reasons why we chose UN Women as one of our Committees is to raise awareneness to this issue even more. There certainly has been a tendency over the past few years in this situation of things getting better but there’s still much that could be done. We cannot foresee, what’s going to happen, of course. But seeing that politician in leading positions seem to acknowledge this problem more and more is what brings us all hope. Gender equality can show in the smallest possible ways and one step at a time can lead to big changes. The best thing we can do is try to make the little piece of world around us better and more equal and stay open-minded and hopeful.

The main goal of SzeMUN is to have fun and learn about our world at the same time. Hungary is a small country and the best thing about our conference is that participants can get to know each other more, since it’s a smaller conference with only six committees. This way it will be easier to take a closer look into how these committees work and everyone will have a chance to express themselves.

We believe communities such as MUNPlanet make communication between MUNers much easier than it was before. Being able to see MUN related information from all over the world and having access to a list of MUNs all around the globe in one place is the best thing a future participant could ask for. Finding the perfect MUN for you has never been so easy and convenient.

Szeged is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. Its spectacular architecture is something you shouldn’t miss when visiting. There are beautiful churches such as the Votive Church in the city centre with the Dom Square or the Synagogue of Szeged. Nature-lovers should by all means visit the Zoo and the Botanic Garden, those two and the warm weather of September could make for a nice afternoon.

We’re working really hard on making this MUN as memorable as possible, so we’re paying extra attention to Socials, too. Our organized events include a Quiz Night and a Farewell Party in one of Szeged’s best pubs, perfectly suitable for our audience and also a visit to the spectacular Anna Bath to help our participants relax between Committee Sessions.

This year’s SzeMUN is very special to us since there has been a 3-year-long hiatus since the last MUN conference in our city and we’re very happy to bring it back. We want our participants to feel the dedication that we put into this conference when they eventually leave Szeged. Being a part of something greater and finding a way to understand our world more; that’s what MUNs are about for us. Making friends and having fun while educating ourselves in the best way; that what we’d like to achieve. See you in September!